PEOPLE OF COLOR | diverse recommendations

I recently started a series, where I recommend diverse books. I started out by posting about two books with LGBT+ protagonists. Today I’m going to share two books which represent people of color.


The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon Continue reading



(Danish translation below // dansk oversættelse nedenunder)


Shadow and Bone is about Alina discovering she has this special power that basically means she’s destined to save the world. She gets taken away from everything she knows (including her best friend/crush Mal) to train her powers.

I’ve read and loved (!) the Six of Crows-duology, and this book just didn’t live up to those book at all. Like that is a whole other league.

Shadow and Bone is extremely fast paced and you have fun and enjoy reading it. The pages are flying by, and if I had owned all the books I probably would have marathoned the whole trilogy. Continue reading

Stories Behind the Bookstagram #2

About two weeks ago I posted my first post in this series (link hereee), where I basically tell some of the small fun stories behind some of my Bookstagram pictures. I had so much fun making it, and you guys seemed to really like it so I decided to continue on with a part 2!

This is pretty mucg the story behind every picture I ever take. They might all seem similar, but I still do it. It is needed for, when you want that perfect one. Continue reading


As live in Denmark I have never been properly taught American history and African-American rights and racism. That also means I have learned the majority of what I know about the subject from literature and movies.

I recently finished The Hate U Give, which follows a girl from a black ghetto right after a black teenager has unfairly been killed by a policeman. It deals with a 16-year-olds daily struggles as black and a whole community’s anger and feeling of the police more being against them than with them. It really made me realize some things about many black people’s situation in the US. Continue reading


Processed with VSCO with a4 preset‘Illuminae’ by Jay Kristoff and Amy Kaufman, published by Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2015, no rating – thanks to the publisher Politken for giving me the Danish edition of this book!

Illuminae is a very popular and hyped book with a 4.32 rating on Goodreads. I can both completely understand why and then again not at all. I ended up DNF’ing it after I reached page 232. Continue reading

Stories Behind the Bookstagram

I am, as you might know, very active on my bookstagram account (link). I therefore thought it would be fun to start a new series of posts where I share small anecdotes about the pictures on my Instagram. Bookstagram’s seem very calm, aesthetic and well thought-out, but the life behind them (at least in my case) is so very different. I therefore thought it would be fun to share some stories about how some of my pictures come to life.

This picture was taken with my little sister, Cornelia, during the summer last year. Before getting a successful shot of the sheep, my sister made a plan to sneak up on the sheep with a book in her hands. What I did not realize was that in her head that meant running towards them and scaring the shit out of them. We both still laugh so hard when looking at that picture of her on the hill Needless to say that plan did not work out very well.
Continue reading


In January (I’m very late, I know) my friend and I went to see Hidden Figures early. I was invited by HarperCollins Nordic DK and I obviously asked my best friend to join me. It was pretty early, but we were very excited to watch it. We got a great introduction, which also made us very excited about the book behind the movie.

Hidden Figures follows the story of the three mathematicians Mary, Katherine and Dorothy. They are all black women who worked as ‘computers’ at NASA. The movie takes place during the space race, and the three women did the math behind the spaceships. They weren’t given any credit for the work they did, but the book by Margot Lee Shetterly shed light on their work. The book itself is nonfiction while the movie deviates a bit. Continue reading


(Danish translation below // dansk oversættelse nedenunder)

more-happy-than-not.jpg‘More Happy Than Not’ by Adam Silvera, published by Soho Teen, 2015, 4/5 stars – thanks to the publisher Gyldendal for giving me the Danish edition of this book! You can buy it here.

Before you read this review, know that this book contains trigger warnings against: depression, suicide and abuse

More Happy than Not was a lot harder to read than I had expected. The book starts out entertaining and all cutesy. At some point you (really meaning me) might be fooled to think this is just another light contemporary teenage book, but that is so far from what this really is. Continue reading