I recently shared my favorite books of the year (link), and now it is time to talk about the worst. I read so many amazing books this year, but some did disappoint, and today I am here to talk about them. These are the ones that disappointed me the most, the ones that failed my expectations. Let’s get into it! Continue reading



I have decided to change my star rating system and make it more strict. I want to become better at using every star more, and in that way make my rating more precise and express more through it. I just quickly wanted to let you all know, and give you an overview so you understand my ratings better!

1 star – Waste of time. I hated it, and it was painful to get through.

2 stars – It was ok, but there were many things that bothered me. Continue reading


Happy New Years everybody! December and 2016 has ended and it’s time for another wrap up. I read some really good books this month, which I am excited to share with you!

The Lucky Hat Mine by J. v. L Bell – This book came very unexpectedly into my life, and it was absolutely incredible. The historical setting and the romance in this book were amazing, and I would recommend it to everyone! I have a full review here. 4.5/5 stars Continue reading


Skærmbillede 2016-12-31 kl. 19.17.13.png“The Lucky Hat Mine” by J. V. L. Bell, published by Hansen Publishing Group in 2016, 4.5/5 stars– thanks to the author for providing me with an audiobook of this – you can buy it here.

The Lucky Hat Mine is a light historical mystery set in the Colorado territory in 1863. If you aren’t sold by that description alone I honestly don’t know what’s wong with you. Like that sounds so awesome. But if you aren’t yet, don’t worry. This book has so much more to offer than that. Continue reading


It is almost 2017, and it is time to talk about my favorite reads of 2016. It seems like yesterday I started my Bookstagram, and now, today, it is exactly a year ago. Due to this community I have so much more this year than I normally do. I completed 75 books, and I am excited to share my favorites with you. I am aware it is a rather short list. I did feel like I read a ton of amazing books, but these are the ones that truly deserve a spot on my all time favorites list. I also made a longer list back in July with my mid-year favorites (link). I will be counting down from number 4 to 1. Now let’s get into it! Continue reading


Another moth has gone by and tomorrow starts December! I love celebrating Christmas, so I am really happy about it, but let’s first get into the books I read this month.

Når man forveklser kærlighed med en saks af Tomas Lagermand Lundme
– This was really powerful novel with some really important themes. Unfortunately I didn’t feel as connected with the characters as I would have liked. It’s a Danish book, and I have a review here. 3/5 stars Continue reading


(Only in Danishb since it is a Danish book)

Skærmbillede 2016-11-27 kl. 19.35.53.png“Når man forveksler kærlighed med en saks” af Tomas Lagermand Lundme, udgivet af Gyldendal i 2016, 3/5 stjerner – tak til forlaget for at sende mig denne bog, køb den her.

Denne bog følger en dreng på 16. Han er flyttet fra sin mor til sin farmor og farfar og bor da bogen begynder i en lejlighed i København med sin kæreste Mads. Han har haft et virkelig svært liv, hvilket har efterladt sine tydelige spor på ham. Continue reading


The other day it hit me how a girl’s period is never mentioned in the books I read. Periods have for a long time been a big taboo, a taboo so many people, including myself, are now finally fighting against. I support that so much, and I believe it is a thing we can change. Periods should not be something we women have to hide, but something we should be able to talk openly about. Films and literature have a huge impact on us, we get inspired by fictional characters, so why don’t we include a girls period in books? That would help society to be more comfortable talking about it. Especially YA seems like a good place to start, since it’s readers often are young people, who are very aware of this issue.

I can’t think of a single fiction book that actually mentions periods. The majority of the books I read has a young female protagonist, and it can’t become more evident to include it. I am not asking for long anecdotes about periods, just that it becomes something the protagonist can casually mention. She could complain about her cramps or mention her mood swings or one of her friends could ask her to borrow a pad or tampon. I’m not asking to follow them to the bathroom, but that it becomes something which gets mentioned, just as casually as if the protagonist was hungry. Continue reading


I love reading, and when we today in my family talked about what we were thankful for, one of the things I thought of was this blog and my Instagram, and the great community it has made me part of. Today I am highlighting all the books that I am specifically thankful for.


Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling – This is the series that got me into reading when I was 6-years-old, it’s the book that always makes me happy, it’s the series I can’t have a proper conversation without referring to. Harry Potter is my all time favorite series, and I am so thankful for its existence. Continue reading