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Hiii, I’m Fiona and (as you can probably tell) a big book lover.

I got into reading when I read the Harry Potter-series at the age of 7, and I’ve been reading ever since. My 5-year-old brother came over to me the other day and said, “Oh Fiona, you always sit in your bed in your pajamas and read.” I tried to be upset about it, but it is genuinely true. That is what I like to spend my time doing.

I love, besides reading, to take pictures (I have a bookstagram if interested ;)), watch a lot of Netflix (and skam!), play the violin (or at least a lot of the time), kick box, math in general, discuss all kinds of society problems (like yeah let’s say feminism:))), watch a lot of Youtube, and of course talk with people on the internet about books and all kinds of other things (this is me very subtly implying that I’d love if you messaged me).

I also write for the cool site MyTrendingStories. I love updating my Goodreads (most satisfying feeling, am I right), so let’s be friends there.  I almost never use Twitter (or I am the lurker silently watching you all, never writing anything), but we can be friends there as well!


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